From Kreisau to Krzyżowa: the award for lasting cooperation and understanding in Europe, 2009 PDF Print E-mail

the Krzyżowa for European Understanding Foundation has presented an award for individual involvement the development of societies in Middle and Eastern Europe to Darius Polok.

The crative school partnership which holds its annual meetings in Krzyżowa has also been awarded. That includes such schools as: Altkönigschule Kronberg, Deutsche Schule Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Grammar School in Pszenna.

Awards were presented by profesor Leon Kieres, a senator, who emphasised the importance of social involvement and lasting citizen initiatives. The prizing speech for Darius Polok was delieverd by Ulrich Bopp Phd who for many years has been involved in the Robert Bosch Foundation and in the Memory, Responsibility and Future Foundation. The one for school partnership was prepared by the head of the Polish-German Youth Cooperation, Stephean Erb.



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